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This section will deal with the vast variety of camping gear and what we would  consider to be the minimum requirements. We will keep this information unbiased and do not endorse any particular brand unless we feel it to be of exceptional use or value. This link will take you to a suggested camping list

     The availability of camping gear these days is an absolute mine field you can buy any thing you could ever dream of on the internet or the high street. However what is it we really need for touring on our cycle.


    Lets start with the single item we will all need the tent. There are of course lots of things to consider when purchasing a tent, Here's what we can think of how many people are going to sleep in it, where are we camping, when are we camping, how long does it take to pitch, how easy is it to pitch, how heavy is it, how long will it last, what can I afford, how small does it roll, is there room to cook (we know you shouldn't be cooking in a tent but when its blowing a gale and throwing down with rain you just have to with extreme caution). Once you have answered these questions you are half way to buying the right tent. Now do some research use the internet do not be lured into buying an expensive tent that you can pitch half way up Everest if you only intend to pitch on summer days on a camp site. Try to buy light and small and in the U.K at least three season. look closely at the manufactures specifications mark out on the floor the floor plan of the tent look at the inside height. Does it pitch as one or inner first this is important if it is raining when you pitch. Does it offer any breathable qualities, is it taped seam. How easy is it to pitch. As a rough price guide for a two man tent you can pay between £15.00 to £600.00 So how much should you spend,  The answer is only what you can afford but buy the best you can afford if you have to compromise a little its not the end of the world as you build up your kit you canal ways upgrade if needed. I have been using a Vangoo Tempest 200 for some years now it is reasonably light good sized dry airy and under £100. This said if money is no object and you intend to spend months away then buy the very best you can.


The most important items of cooking gear is the stove and the pans. As with  the tent stoves come in a range of size quality and specification. Buy the best you can afford upgrade when you are feeling flush or add to the Christmas list as I do. When buying a stove decide where it is going to be used (uk or foreign) it can be difficult to obtain gas cylinders abroad but petrol is readily available. 

     Ok a single burner gas stove between £12.00-£25.00 does the job its quick to light controllable reasonably light not to bulky I use one all through the summer in the uk. Drawbacks are you do need to carry two gas cylinders incase you run out or you can get a faulty one and I hate raw sausages, They usually don't have a nice tin to store them in so unless you wrap the in a tea towel its easy to damage them but they don't take up much room.

      MULTI FUEL  

stoves £70.00-£130.00 Great stoves fuel is available almost any where only the top range models have flame control most are light but the fuel can be heavy compared to gas, usually good in windy conditions and are generally reliable. 


 Free -£90.00 why free well take a look at this site I found while researching this information Then compare to the Trangia range I  make one this weekend it seems to do the job in fact I was quite impressed I will post the details soon the one I made weighed ½ an oz and boiled 300mil of water for 10 mins on two cap full of spirit. Spirit stoves are by far the lightest stove you can buy they are also said to be the most reliable as there are no mechanical parts to go wrong. Again fuel needs to be carried you can get some nice fuel bottles that fit into your water holder on the bike. 

    If you are traveling with company the you will of course need more than one stove it would be a good idea to carry different types in case one type breaks down. And of course you can spread the weight.

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