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Please note this is an idea. Lots of technical issues will need to be addressed.

We are looking for volunteers from all over the UK to assist touring cyclists in there hour of need. We would like to set up through like minded people a means of giving assistance to those of use who for some reason or other get into difficulty. The prime area's would be as follows.

1)  Provide break down assistance to tourers when passing your area should they encounter mechanical failure. E.g. arrange to pick up and take to local cycle repair shop. Or assisted repair collection of parts etc.

2)  Provide local knowledge for over night accommodation in your area or if willing camp on the lawn service.

3)  Provide local knowledge to tourers such as places of interest good places to eat and sleep local cycle shop etc.

The volunteers would be under no obligation to help when contacted. Maybe the volunteers could be contacted through a central phone service etc.

There would have to be an annual fee  to cover the administration cost for the use of the service and public liability insurance.

The more that subscribe the better chances of assistance for all.

This is also a great way for like minded people to meet and share there cycling experiences.

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in order to asses the feasibility of this project




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