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Send us your good ideas. 

1)  A small fold flat and very light bucket great for washing, hedgerow gathering, doing the dishes etc. 

2)  Here's one for you as an emergency lets say you forgot to take a spare tube and puncture out fit remove the tyre from one side of  wheel but not the tube stuff the tyre as hard as you can with the driest grass you can find or use news paper or rags what ever you can find push the tyre back onto the rim this will get you home or to a cycle shop. worked on the Tissington trail last summer.

3)  In this link we have a suggested camping list hope its useful.

4)  Instead of carrying sugar take a small squirt bottle of honey 200mil lasts a week

5)  Start the day with Muesli its light and full of carbohydrate and other goodies I split mine into portions in plastic bags' If you soak in water over night then squirt on some honey in the morning it is great no need for fresh milk.

6)  As part of repair outfit take some disposable gloves keeps the grease of you.

7)  When camping try to pitch with the sun on the tent in the morning dries the condensation.

8)  The old toe clip straps are great for strapping stuff to the saddle bags etc.

9)  Dried bananas are a great way to carry that extra fuel when you need it and they don't spoil.

10)  Burning incense keeps the fly's away.

11)  Fresh Lemon is a good insect repellent.

12)  Personal alarms can be used for a great variety of things that is the type you pull a pin out of use fishing line to tie to your tent zip or to your bike when camping or other wise gives the opportunist a nasty shock.

13)  If you print maps off the PC they smudge when wet spray with wax furniture polish allow to dry now you have a waxed map.

14)  Use Swarfega to remove oil from your clothes or you could try some soft margarine the wash out with warm water.

15)  Mini camera tripod Great if you want some shots of yourself or just steady the camera.

16)  Small stem bag great for the first aid kit and bits you need in a rush. 

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