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On the left is a suggested list of tools that I generally Carry for up to two weeks.
On the right is an extended list for long distance travel.
These lists are based on my experience if I missed any thing let me know.

For long distance touring you will need spares for your camping gear and other items of essential equipment I will cover this at a later date.

1)      Topeak Alien XT Multi Tool      16 tools fold into a magnesium body for easy carrying 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm allen keys Torx T25 bit for disc brakes cross and flat head screwdrivers spoke wrenches for 14 and 15g universal chain tool teflon coated tyre lever bottle opener stainless knife includes nylon case.

2)   Good quality tyre levers I still use steel.

3)   6 small cable ties.

4)   Puncture repair kit. Patches assorted, Glue, Chalk, Sandpaper. Small container washing up liquid, Helps with tight tyres.

5)   Spoke wrench,  6 spare spokes taped to the rack.

6)   Good quality adjustable spanner.

7)   Spare tube.

8)   Three inch piece of wire coat hanger bent like a hook on both ends to hook round chain to assist link repair.

9)   Three meter length of brake cable.

10)  Small tin of WD40.

11)  Assorted nuts bolts washers.

12)  Roll of electricians tape.

13)  Small tube off general lubrication.

14)  Pump.

Below is the extended list just do a pick and mix.

1)   Spare tyre.

2)   Cotterless crank remover.

3)   Tube of grease.

4)   Head set spanner.

5)   Bottom Bracket remover.

6)   Crank bolt spanner.

7)   Cone spanner.

8)    Small cleaning brush.

9)    Small tin oil.

10)  Extra spokes.

11)  Brake and gear cables.

12)  Brake blocks.

13)  Free hub and bearings.

14)  Spare SPD clips.

15)  Nuts bolts and bulbs.

16)  Various bearings.

17)  String, Epoxy glue and super glue.

18)  Screw drivers assorted.

This list may seem over the top but believe me I at some point have been very glad of these items.

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